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Application Steps

The Path to the Pit

There are 8 steps to take to become a Sonny’s BBQ Franchisee. It starts with an initial inquiry and ends with the grand opening of your own Sonny’s BBQ restaurant. We will keep you informed and up to speed on your status every step of the way.

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01. Initial Inquiry

Submit a short Initial Inquiry Form and show us you’re interested

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Complete and submit a short Initial Inquiry form online or call 407-660-8888. One of our Franchise Development Representatives will let you know if you prequalify and will keep you informed throughout the rest of process in you do.

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02. Application

Help us get to know you and your business background

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Help us get to know you, your business background and experience, financial resources, goals, etc. by completing our Franchise Application. This is non-binding and there is no cost associated with submitting your application. We will review the application and supporting documentation with you.

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03. Interview

Get an introduction to the culture of our brand and business model

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We’d like to provide a formal introduction to the culture of our brand and business model and what’s involved to join our franchise family. We also will answer questions you may have at this point. We should each have a fairly good idea if we have a potential fit by the end of this call.

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04. Send Franchise Disclosure Document

Complete required paperwork, background check and get to know our brand

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You will receive our FDD which is required by the Federal Trade Commission and contains all pertinent information you will need about Sonny’s BBQ in order to make an educated decision.

It is during this time we will conduct background checks, send you our site selection packet for completion and schedule a talent assessment.

It is also the point that we encourage you to speak with our franchise owners to understand the operating model and hear about their experience with our brand.

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05. Site Analysis

Participate in a site visit and develop a business plan

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If you have a preferred site(s) in mind, we will conduct an internal analysis with possible site visit. A business plan will need to be submitted.

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06. Discovery Day

Visit BBQ HQ and meet our Leadership Team

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We welcome you to come to our corporate headquarters in Maitland, Florida to meet our Leadership Team and discuss your business plan.

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07. Approval

This is the final step in our approval process to become a Sonny’s franchisee

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The Leadership Team will make a final determination on whether we feel Sonny’s BBQ is a good fit for you and for us. If approved, next steps will include signing the Franchise Agreement.

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08. Grand Opening

Celebrate joining our team and opening your restaurant

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Take next steps to open your Sonny’s BBQ! We dive into the tasks and duties required to get your restaurant up and running. You’ll never be left alone during this process. Our dedicated team supports you heavily during this phase and will help you keep on track with your goals.